Cyclo 500 & 505 - Cyclo Software Update

Latest Version 4.1

The Magellan Cyclo Agent provides the latest software and map updates to Cyclo 500 series devices. The updates will prompt automatically when the device is connected to your computer.

Current version fixes:
• Faster route calculation
• Correct time when uploading
• Improved zoom in functions of elevation graphs
• Sensor detection improvement
• Improved external .gpx reading
• Highways are shown on higher zoom level
• Auto calculation of the wheel circumference
• Change preview color Route to Track
• Faster reading of track & history files
• Connectivity to Iphone or Android phone
• View who is calling
• Reading an SMS
• Answering a call when connected with headset + microphone (wired or BT)
• Controls music - play, pause, stop and next song
• Control playlist - go through your playlist to search another song
• Control music volume (Android only)
• Improved layout on sensor parameters
• Connected sensors will be linked to your Cyclo profile - no more accidentally pairing with other devices
• HR & Speed-Cadence BT sensors supported
• Connect to Shimano Di2 electronic bicycle shifting systems, via the new Di2 Wireless Unit (required)
• Allows user to see gear info during a ride
• Di2 gear info will be stored in history & gpx file
• Shows Di2 battery level
• Connects to ANT+ trainers: Elite digital Qubo, Tacx Bushido and Tacx Genius
• Use Surprise Me to create route, and simulate riding it indoors, and experience the corresponding resistance on that route!
• Where Am I function - Displays the exact location of where you are, and even send an SMS to a contact, directly from the same screen (Android only)
• Add a detour directly on the map screen
• Improved MTB route calculation
• Display % of unpaved roads during Surprise Me, in MTB profile
• 7 different map colour schemes
• New Odometer that provides all details on all your rides, both recorded and not recorded
• Improved recalculation of track when changing route settings
• Able to select tracks based on closest distance
• Add message in Main menu when device is locked
• Improved visibility when following a route over unpaved roads
• Allow navigation to the center of a post code
• Streets are shown on higher zoom level
• Correct Distance Calculation
• Dashboard values GPS speed and sensor speed can once more be selected
• Improved touch screen swipe
• Cross chain warning for Di2 can be turned off
• Improved routing in Australia and New Zealand
• Correct unit representation when imperial units are selected
• other bug fixes

How to Update your Cyclo 500 & 505

If an auto prompt appears asking to update the Magellan Cyclo Agent from v3.XX to v4.XX, click on 'Update' and follow the on screen instructions, otherwise follow the instructions below.

1) Turn on your device and Connect your device via USB then Launch CycloAgent. . If prompted, log in with your Cyclo Agent account details or create an account if you haven’t already done so at

2) Click the My Device tab and then click Updates (or Check for Updates, depending on the CycloAgent version).

3) When prompted, click Update to update the Cyclo firmware immediately. (You can also select Later to update at a later time.)

4) Follow the prompts on screen to install and update the firmware on your Cyclo device.

Click Here to Download Magellan Cyclo Agent for Windows

Click Here to Download Magellan Cyclo Agent for Mac

Please note that you will need to uninstall any previous versions of Cyclo Agent

Cyclo Agent Unintall & Install Guide

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